Our LOFTIE Team is soooooo excited to have our Selfie Room up & running. We have had some incredible individuals come through and just have so much fun riding our unicorns, flamingos and swans. We love hearing little kids laughing, teenagers blasting music and making tik toks and kick ass adults coming in and showing how selfies are truly done haha!

On of my most favorite days was when a local #coolmom reserved the room as a surprise for her daughter and friends & they had a BLAST. This is the type of experiences we want Peorians and travelers to have when they come here to LOFTIE

Want to book our Selfie room? It's $25/hr for up to 15 people or $1 per person when it's not being used for private events. Come hang out with Charlie the Unicorn, Dennis the Duck, Frankie the Flamingo & Sven the Swan..... they are a lot of fun, I promise!

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