How do I book a date?

Step 1: Contact LOFTIE to verify that your date is available
Step 2: Take a Tour,  Ask Questions, Get A Copy of Our Contract, 24-hour hold on your day by request
Step 3: Sign Contract & Pay 50% deposit to secure your date & times 
(Credit, Debit, Check, Venmo, Apple Pay, CashApp are acceptable forms of payment)

Is there a form of insurance necessary to reserve a date at our venue space?

Yes, a General Liability insurance is required for every event at Lofties Spaces and Events. The Customer & any third party suppliers/vendors used or contracted by Customer shall carry liability and other necessary insurance in the amount of no less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000).

 If alcohol is to be served during the event a liquor component must be checked off in the association with the form. 

Lofties Spaces and Event LLC should appear under the “certificate holder” portion of the insurance as follows:

Lofties Spaces and Events LLC

725 SW Washington St.

Peoria, IL 61602

How do I schedule a site visit to the venue?

You can reach us at info@loftiespaces.com to schedule a tour (in person or virtually). 

You can also reach us by phone at 309- 237-0207. 

Tours are conducted Monday thru Friday between the hours of 10am and 5pm by appointment only.

What is the cancelation policy?

In the event a customer cancels the event, the customer shall notify LOFTIE immediately in writing or by email. Once cancelled, the Customer shall be responsible for agreed liquidated damages as follows:
The parties agree that the liquidated damages are reasonable. 
A. In the event Customer cancels the event more than one year prior to the event, Customer shall forfeit to LOFTIE as liquidated damages one-half (1/2) of deposit. 
B. In the event customer cancels the event less than one year but not more than six months prior to the event, Customer shall forfeit to LOFTIE as liquidated damages the entire deposit. 
C. In the event Customer cancels the event less than six (6) months but more than three (3) months prior to the event, Customer shall forfeit to LOFTIE as liquidated damages fifty percent (50 %) of the rental fee. 
D. In the event customer cancels the event less than three (3) months prior to the event, Customer shall forfeit to LOFTIE as liquidated damages the entire rental fee.

Are there any restrictions on vendors I can use?

LOFTIE has a list of approved caterers to choose from. We do not require you to select a caterer (s) from the list, however, No caterer can be used that hasn’t been properly trained on our venue rules & regulations requirements. Each caterer on the approved list is familiar with LOFTIE venues, rules and regulations. Each caterer provides excellent food and exceptional services. Each of these approved caterers carries the LOFTIE required liability insurance. They offer a variety of menus, various serving accommodations and price ranges. 

  1. If Customer requests a different food service company, they must be pre-approved by LOFTIE and follow our rules and regulations. 

  2. Your caterer company is responsible for the set-up, break-down and clean-up of the catered site. Please allow appropriate time for the break-down and clean-up to meet the contact timeline. 

  3. All event trash must be disposed of in the designated areas at the conclusion of the event.

  4. ALL vendors must adhere to the terms of our guidelines, and it is the Customer’s responsibility to share these guidelines with them.

Do I need to hire an event planner or coordinator?

You are more than welcome to do so. An event coordinator may be included depending on the event package chosen as complimentary. An event coordinator will be included on entire day rental packages with 150+ guests in attendance. You are not required to utilize this service. 
We do not provide an event planner or coordinator on all events, but we will have a manager onsite for the duration of your events. Site managers are responsible for ensuring the venue is up and running as well as upholding rules, regulations and guidelines. 
It is not mandatory to hire an event planner or coordinator, but recommended.

Am I responsible for clean-up?

Customer’s shall be responsible for returning the Venue (and site if applicable) to the condition in which it was provided to them. All property belonging to Customer, Customer’s invitees, guests, agents and subcontractors, shall be removed by the end of the rental period. All property remaining on the premises beyond the end of the rental agreement (that doesn’t belong to LOFTIE) will be removed by LOFTIE at Customers cost. Should the Customer need special consideration for the removal of property beyond the rental period, this can be arranged prior to the beginning of the event for an additional fee. LOFTIE is not responsible for any property left behind by Customer, Customer’s guests, invitees, agents and subcontractors.  
The Customer is responsible for any and all damages to LOFTIE Venues and the surrounding site. It is the Customer’s responsibility to remove all decorations and return Venue to the condition in which it was received.
LOFTIE Venues will clean the space before and after your event: Sweeping, mopping, detailing the bathroom and taking care of any necessary repairs. 
All items brought into the venues for your event must be off site by the contracted end time. 
Outside vendor rentals/items must be off site by the contracted end time. 
The venue floor must be left in a debris free state with no puddles of liquid left standing. 
All food/caterer related items must be in a black garbage bag and in the assigned location for waste.

Can I leave items or rentals overnight for the next day pick up?

All items brought in for an event must be removed by the Customer and their vendors/subcontractors by the contracted end time. LOFTIE is not responsible for any items that are lost, stolen, damaged or left behind.

Do your venues come equipped with WIFI included in the rental fee?

In order to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible, our WIFI information is provided for our clients & their vendors/subcrators. We don’t want a wifi overload to happen and ruin the DJ music, videos playing, etc.

Do you provide any furniture associated with the space rental?

All tables, chairs & linens (black or white) will be provided for your event. Any additional furniture must be brought to LOFTIE’s attention and approved by management, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Can I host a cash bar event at any of your locations?

Yes, in the event that you would like to have alcohol served at your event you would need to hire out bartenders for the event. Often times your caterer will have a bar option as part of their package. 

After I book your location can I schedule additional site visits to the space?

Of course! We encourage our clients and customers to come and check out our spaces & all the fun events/options that we host :) Just make sure you coordinate with our LOFTIE team so that you don’t pop in during a private event.

Do you host multiple events per day at your locations?

Yes, only if they are smaller events. If our venue is being booked for a larger event like a wedding or corporate event, then no.

What staff is provided by Loftie Spaces and Events on the day of the event?

On-site Management, 1 security individual, 1 assistant to manager. Additional individuals such as bartenders, cleaners, helpers, etc are dependent upon the client/customer needs & may have additional fees associated with them.

Are there any hidden fees associated with the rental of the spaces?

We are open and transparent with our pricing & fees. If our client/customer changes or needs anything added to their original arrangement, then those changes/additions will be priced accordingly. 
For Example: If the original contract stated that the client/customer has a wedding for only 150 people, but decided to change their wedding to 200+ people there would be an increase in the venue rental pricing, additional bartenders added to the event, more on-site staff, etc. 
To keep things as simple and smooth as possible, we don’t allow changes to be made when the event is less than 3 months away. If a client were to have 200 guests show up when they booked for only 150, we would charge them accordingly for the venue rental  + a $100 per person above the original agreed amount which the client/customer would be fully responsible for. 
We don’t like surprises & neither do you!